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How to Manifest Anything You Desire

Yes, that even includes love…and money. Want to try manifestation for yourself? Experts suggest you take the following steps to manifest anything you desire, including love and money. Let’s back up. What is manifestation, exactly? By definition, manifestation …


6 Easy Ways For Wellness In 2023

When the new year dawns, many of us take this opportunity for a fresh start. Making lifestyle changes and setting goals to be achieved by the end of the year. We are all for self improvement, this year …


Guide To Mindfulness

Mindfulness has become wildly popular in recent years, with celebs like Jennifer Aniston and Katy Perry singing its praises. This form of meditation consists of focusing on the present moment, even if only for five minutes a day. …


How To Create An At Home Luxury Spa Day

Adjusting your daily routine can feel a bit overwhelming right now. You might be eager for some relaxation, but a spa day may be out of reach. We’ve got you covered! Our essential guide will help you create …


Home Is Where The Spa Is

Shrinking Violet’s Inch Loss At Home Spa Kit is a body wrap home spa treatment kit that contains clinically proven body slimming oil to give maximum inch loss, slim, firm and tone the skin. The At Home Spa …


The Beauty Of Bodywork & Why We Want It Now

Which one will you choose? After almost two years of forced isolation and stagnation, cries of grief and joy, and consciously felt trauma, body work speaks our most earnest and fundamental wants: to move and flow with ease, …