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How to Manifest Anything You Desire

Yes, that even includes love…and money. Want to try manifestation for yourself? Experts suggest you take the following steps to manifest anything you desire, including love and money. Let’s back up. What is manifestation, exactly? By definition, manifestation …


How To Create An At Home Luxury Spa Day

Adjusting your daily routine can feel a bit overwhelming right now. You might be eager for some relaxation, but a spa day may be out of reach. We’ve got you covered! Our essential guide will help you create …


I Dropped A Dress Size In An Hour

Drop a dress size without breaking a sweat! Yes please! Losing inches and saving pounds I’m in, so when I saw Shrinking Violet Home Kit with an 20% off discount, I didn’t hesitate. These professional body wraps in beauty salons …


The Beauty Of Bodywork & Why We Want It Now

Which one will you choose? After almost two years of forced isolation and stagnation, cries of grief and joy, and consciously felt trauma, body work speaks our most earnest and fundamental wants: to move and flow with ease, …


Plant Our Lavender Seeds

Plant our lavender seeds because… It’s hardy and easy to grow. In general, lavender is a hardy plant that doesn’t require a whole lot of care once it’s established. It thrives in sunshine and dry soil, so under …


Our Lavender Seeds

Lavandula angustifolia is one of the best plants to grow for attracting bees and butterflies. This is the Lavender essential oil we use producing attractive scented blooms from May-September. We love to see the cycle come full circle. …


Plant Beauty In The World

Help our campaign to plant lavender everywhere and watch it bloom plus it’s bee friendly! Receive your FREE pack of lavender seeds with every bottle of Shrinking Violet. Its delicate blue flowers are a magnet for pollinators, such …