How To Create An At Home Luxury Spa Day

Adjusting your daily routine can feel a bit overwhelming right now. You might be eager for some relaxation, but a spa day may be out of reach. We’ve got you covered! Our essential guide will help you create a luxurious at home spa experience in no time. Simply follow the steps, and you’ll be thanking us later!

Spa Essential 1: Preparation

Tibby firmly believes that preparation is the essential element when it comes to having a great spa day. All luxury spas are designed to ensure there is no disruption, so that one service seamlessly follows another. Taking the time to prepare will help you make the most of your at-home pampering session and make it entirely about you. Here are some points to mull over as you get ready:

Set your intention:

Decide what you want to accomplish through this time for yourself and prepare your mindset for the day. Setting your intention helps you to be mindful of your thoughts, stay in the present and feel more relaxed. Your to-do list (and Instagram feed) will still be there tomorrow.

Commit to a time:

Make sure to carve out some time where you can’t be interrupted by work or other tasks. Put it in your calendar like you would a spa visit – this will serve as an indication that you’re taking this time off for well-deserved selfcare.

Plan for what you’ll need:

Write down all the items for your ideal at-home spa day: candles, skincare products, towels, refreshments, and napkins. If possible, add a babysitter to the list too!

Include your friends or significant other:

Tibby suggests setting up an iPad for a virtual spa day! Whether you invite friends who usually go to the spa with you or your significant other, it can be a great way to bond over learning new techniques together. While self-care and alone time are important too, adding some of your favourite people into the mix can make all the difference.

Spa Essential 2: Ambiance

If you think back to your last experience at a luxury spa, you’ll remember how the tone of relaxation engulfed you the moment you arrived. From the aromatic smells to the gentle music playing in the background, you were encouraged to breathe deeply and let go of any stress. You can recreate this tranquil atmosphere at home with these simple steps.

Create a relaxation room:

Instead of limiting yourself to your bathroom, which may or may not be as spacious as your favourite spa, try utilising your bedroom as an area to prepare your mind and body before your treatments. Set up the room with prepared refreshments and snacks, lay out your softest robe and slippers, and maybe add an eye mask to complete the experience.

Choose the perfect scent:

An essential oil diffuser, humidifier or candle can be used to introduce therapeutic scents into your environment. When it comes to stress relief and emotional balance, the suggestion from Tibby is lavender, Geranium or lemon essential oils. Lavender is popular for its soothing effects and can assist with reducing worry. Geranium can soothe a frazzled mind and help you reorient yourself, while lemon elicits a feeling of unity and contentment.

She suggests peppermint for energy, which can be used topically with a carrier oil, or just inhaled. Wild orange is another great pick, as it invigorates and soothes the mind while calming anxiety. To ensure you feel its full effects, professionals recommend placing a few drops of essential oil into your palms and cupping your hands over your nose to inhale deeply several times.

Set the mood with music:

Music is an effective way to help relax your mind and drown out noise. Look for spa playlists on Spotify or other streaming services. Alternatively, use a sound machine or sleep sounds app to imagine yourself on a beach with the tranquil sound of ocean waves. For extra relaxation, combine this with tropical scents and a fruit-infused water beverage.

Spa Essential 3: Revitalizing Treatments

Tibby’s insider knowledge on how to replicate a luxurious spa treatment can be broken down into two components: products and technique. To recreate your favourite pampering session, simply use the directions provided below. Whether it be a facial that leaves you glowing, an invigorating body scrub to restore radiance, or a calming massage, these instructions will help you enjoy that spa experience from the comfort of your own home.

Flawless facial:

Maskerade Face Mask

Refresh and revive with this mineral rich mask used to cleanse, detoxify and exfoliate in just one 5-10 minute treatment. 

Using circular motions, massage your face, neck and decollate area. Allow the product to dry before rinsing off and applying a face mask or moisturiser. We love to apply:-

This technique is great for all skin types but is not recommended more than twice per week.

Pro tip: Have some warm, damp towels ready to wipe the products from your face before you moisturise for a soothing effect.


Skin-smoothing bath and body oil:


Soak in a hot bath of lavender and geranium essential oils with Shrinking Violet’s SlimBathe for a luxurious experience. This blend of natural ingredients and skin toners helps reduce stubborn fat and cellulite areas, so be sure to apply the oils topically after the bath for even greater results.

Relaxing massage:

For a great at home massage, make sure to use a quality massage oil we love:

TheraDEEP Muscle Therapy Oil

to leave your skin soft and smooth. 

If you’re trying massage for the first time with your significant other, Tibby says to remember you’re not a massage therapist, so you’ll probably tire quickly. Take your time, use slow strokes and avoid any bony areas like the spine, scapula or joints. Don’t be afraid to apply pressure, being careful to not only use your thumbs, which could start to hurt. Most importantly, be sure to communicate with each other on your preferences and pressure level throughout.

For solo massage we recommend:-

The Prayer Method

Warm a little oil into the cup of your hand and press your hands together in a prayer movement, then using both hands, push and press into the skin, pat not rub onto the affected area. this technique is not only less damaging on the skin structure, but it also increases the absorption and effectiveness of the ingredients as well as stimulate the blood flow, giving a nice glow to the skin. Patting helps your products absorb quickly and effectively.

Spa Essential 4: Sips and Snacks

We feel that snacks are an essential part of a spa day. Nothing is more enjoyable than indulging in homemade treats with a hint of sweetness in the rest area, or ordering your favorite light meal from the spa menu. Complementing your delicious food with a refreshment is also crucial – what would a spa experience be without some infused waters and champagne?


Start your spa experience in a special way with a glass of sparkling wine (or sparkling grape juice) and some raspberries or other fruit of your preference for a touch of sophistication. When it comes to massage therapy, hydration is key and there’s nothing like a fruit fusion to make it even more enjoyable. Consider adding strawberries, lemon and mint for a citrusy twist or pineapple, coconut and lime for something tropical. Serve chilled or over ice for the best experience.

Spa snacks:

Mix cream cheese with fresh dill, mayonnaise and sea salt to create a savoury snack that can be spread on fresh bread or crackers. For a sweet treat, try an assortment of tea cookies or bake an easy homemade granola using rolled oats, honey, coconut oil, nuts and dried fruit. Bake at 300 degrees for 20 minutes and enjoy! To make it even more scrumptious, add some fresh fruit and yogurt to create a parfait.

The beautiful thing about a at home spa day is that it is completely customisable to you and your preferences. Use the techniques we’ve laid out here to create the perfect day for you. Then, when you’re able, you can revisit your favourite Shrinking Violet Body Wrap inch loss at home kit and let us take care of every detail. Happy pampering!