TheraDEEP oils reflect our commitment to the finest quality ingredients sourcing and time-honoured formulation methods. included are nutrient rich botanicals sourced from conscious growers around the U.K., many of whom have grown the same beautifully cultivated plants for generations. But it is not enough to assemble the finest ingredients, you must honour then throughout your process. we spend four weeks meticulously infusing these high-performance plants into our already powerful foundation oils, ensuring their full spectrum of nutrition is captured.  Botanicals, herbs and essential oils of the highest grade further amplify the performance of TheraDEEP therapeutic oils.  As a result this highly concentrated formula contains restoring nutrients for a soothing relief.

“Works exceptionally well with back pain after trying everything to no avail, this is the only treatment that genuinely gave me notable relief and helped me get back to work.”


“Over recent months I have tried several treatments and lots of other products to ease my neck pain but this treatment has been the most successful and I would recommend to anyone Theradeep.”


“Superb treatment, great on my whole body not just my frozen shoulder, what joy to find a treatment that actually works, I could cry with relief.”


“Very effective definitely helps with the pain, highly recommend this treatment and oils.”


“Perfect for my hip and knee pain gave immediate relief.”

Our powerful natural Phyto Soothe Infusion contains:
grapeseed oil wild lettuce extract poppy seed oil ginger essential oil turmeric essential oil lavender essential oil ylang-ylang essential oil geranium essential oil


Phyto Soothe Infusion
The transformative effects of TheraDeep Oils, would not be possible without our Phyto Soothe Infusion ™. Uniquely this 28 day process begins with nutrient rich plants like lavender, geranium, turmeric, ginger, wild lettuce and ylang-ylang. These plants were called “the foods of life” in ancient times because they were believed to contain everything your body and mind needs to thrive. Through a methodical, temperature controlled, four week extraction process, every ounce of their powerful nutrition is captured in the most optimal ratios. that whole plant nourishment is infused into every drop of our formulas, which the skin immediately recognises and puts to work, supporting its natural powers of balance, restoration and soothing.

Delivery System
A formula with our level of optimal nourishment cannot be effective without a proper delivery system, which is why we developed a three-label approach. first, our formulas small particles size allows the skin to easily absorb our plant- derived skin nutrition. Second, we added ingredients with naturally occurring compounds that promoted optimal absorption. Third, we developed our prayer method of application, which further activates the TheraDEEP oils and supports circulation within the skin to boost soothing and restoration.

Restorative Soothing
through optimal nutrition and the strategic use of powerful botanicals, herbs and essential oils, TheraDEEP oils are able to delver transformative results to all skin, regardless of gender, age, tone or type.

Grapeseed oil and Poppy seed oil feed your skin a full array of essential nutrients for a healthy skin.

Wild lettuce Extract is a plant that has been used for pain relief and to induce sleep. It’s used by people interested in alternatives to conventional medications.

Natural protectors like lavender, turmeric and ginger to help defend your immune system, relieve anxiety and insomnia.

Ingredients such as geranium essential oil have potent cellular regeneration properties, purify and soothe your skin.

Acting as a healing powerhouse Ylang-ylang essential oil boosts the regeneration process of your skin, has hydrating properties and its natural antiseptic properties help to heal any kind sod cuts or cracks caused by excessively dry skin, replenishing the skin.

The Prayer Method
Warm a little oil into the cup of your hand and press your hands together in a prayer movement, then using both hands, push and press into the skin, pat not rub onto the affected area. this technique is not only less damaging on the skin structure, but it also increases the absorption and effectiveness of the ingredients as well as stimulate the blood flow, giving a nice glow to the skin. Patting helps your products absorb quickly and effectively.

How long till I feel TheraDEEP working?
Most individuals feel the benefit immediately and see a visible improvement within their own skin within days. Because of our whole plant nutrition results will increase over time.

Can I combine TheraDEEP massage treatments with TheraDEEP home care products?
Of course – our systems are designed for optimal use of salon treatments and continued use at home for optimal results.

Theradeep Therapeutic Massage Kit

Theradeep Therapeutic Massage Oil 500ml

Theradeep Therapeutic Bath & Shower Oil 200ml (RRP £75.00)

Theradeep PMS Therapy (RRP £34.99)

Theradeep Muscle Therapy Oil 200ml (RRP £75.00)

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