Non Surgical Shrinking Violet Lipo Pro an innovative, propriety formula, can be used as a stand alone treatment for Medical Clinics & Medi-spas, Doctors and Nurses, or in conjunction with patients having liposuction, lasers and cavitation, ultrasound procedures. The clinical trialled Shrinking Violet Body Wrap named the inch loss leader, follows up with a brand new product aimed at clinical practices – with Shrinking Violet Lipo Pro – Your ideal body is no longer just a dream. With advances in plastic surgery and non-invasive treatments, there are more ways than ever to look exactly the way you want. Here is an effective option to getting the body you’ve always wanted. Used on its own or in combination with Liposuction – Lasers and Cavitation equipment, you can be sure this version will have the medical clinics & medi-spas screaming out for the new product and protocols. Ideal for those patients who have no interest in undergoing full liposuction surgery procedures – the cost, pain, recovery etc are not appealing, or simply want an alternative procedure pre or post surgery – this treatment is ideal and also has been bio-engineered to enhance any combination procedures. Laser assisted liposuction, methods that use cannulas that produce heat, vibration or ultra sound waves to help break up the fatty tissue then Shrinking Violet Lipo Pro helps to enhance those results, also helping pre and post actual liposuction.

Shrinking Violet Lipo Pro Kit

Shrinking Violet Lipo Pro Fascia Release Kit

Shrinking Violet Lipo Pro 500ml

Pro Heat

Double Deep

Shrinking Violet Pre-Infused Bandages

Shrinky Suit x 10 For Professionals