4 Body Wrap Tips from Our Professional Trainers

This month we asked our worldwide trainers for their input on Shrinking Violet body wrap treatment recommendations and advancements. We have gathered expert advice from industry professionals on Shrinking Violet body wraps, and we are bringing these top tips to you.

TIP 1. Generate Excitement with Unique Treatments

“Offer a variation on your Shrinking Violet body wraps, including seasonal treatments. It is a good idea to have the standard Shrinking Violet body wrap treatment, listed as inch loss and body contouring, but offering unique seasonal body wraps will pique interest from your consistent clients and will stand out from your treatment list. For example, pair different Shrinking Violet body wrap services with different seasons like a soothing cellulite summer wrap or winter warmer body sculpting wrap. Think outside the box to keep the ideas fun and include a cross promotion with correlating retail products for best results.”
– Melody Morrison, Director of East Coast Education for Tibby Olivier – Super Natural Skincare

TIP 2. Stay Close to Offer Comfort

“It can feel strange for a client to be all wrapped up, and they may suffer with claustrophobia. It is really important to never leave the treatment room. Provide a nice head, neck and scalp massage or offer additional upgrades such as a mini facial, eye or lip treatment, or foot and leg treatment.”
– Jennifer Cramer, Director of Education and Training for Tibby Olivier USA

TIP 3: Customise Wraps to fit Main Treatment

“Shrinking Violet Body wraps are fantastic treatments to enhance your clients’ spa experience. In addition to providing full body relaxation and rejuvenation, the potent ingredients in Shrinking Violet body wraps deeply penetrate the skin and offer a range of benefits such as Slimming, Firming and Toning, minimising the appearance of cellulite and improving elasticity in the skin. When introducing Shrinking Violet body wraps into your treatments, take the extra time to discuss the benefits with your client, and choose which area of the body to boost, using Shrinking Extreme Booster, that will provide the best inch loss results in the area that they are looking to target.

For clients who are new to Shrinking Violet body wraps, be sure to review the various steps of the body wrap treatment with them, and highlight the benefits that each step provides to their results and skin. Performing an extra treatment during the body wrap like a mini facial or neck, face and scalp massage is an added service that will further enhance your clients experience, which is a surefire way to create customer loyalty.”
– Natalia Perry, Lead Skin Care Trainer at Tibby Olivier Organic Skin Care Canada

TIP 4: Create An Experience

“When it comes to Shrinking Violet body wrap treatments, professionals should produce not only fantastic inch loss results, but also a sensorial journey. Use the products that help aid results for Shrinking Violet body wraps, heated beds, foil blankets, a room scent, dim the lights and the room should give the client a feeling of being wrapped in a cocoon. It could be something as simple as a hour body wrap, and that client will feel as if they just returned from a vacation. Minus the holiday inches. We believe the key is results, plus a relaxation for the mind and body.”
– Bethany Malone, Southeast Trainer – Tibby Olivier – Super Natural Skincare