The Beauty Of Bodywork & Why We Want It Now

Which one will you choose?
After almost two years of forced isolation and stagnation, cries of grief and joy, and consciously felt trauma, body work speaks our most earnest and fundamental wants: to move and flow with ease, to be felt, to find balance, and to mend what hurts, to simply connect.

Body work is, well, work. A quick trip to the medi-spa this is not. “The body holds tension and trauma. We store issues in our tissues,” says Tibby. “When we release stuff in the body, it can also affect us emotionally. For some people, it can be a very profound experience. It can be powerful for people in a great way, but it also can be something that’s challenging to handle—a healing crisis.”

Which is why we use the benefits of lavender essential oil and its healing powers in all our body oils. Lavender boasts an array of medical uses from stress relieving to promoting sleep and body wellness.

In the process of undoing physical and body tension, you may find that there is more inside you that needs to be freed.

We recommend SlimBathe bath oil as a way to aid the body and help you sleep. This two step programme is amazing, a whole body routine, bath and self massage goes hand in hand with relax and sleep. In the pursuit of body wellness through body work, you may find something far more worthwhile: previous trauma release.