What Is Vegan Beauty?

Why Use Vegan Products? What Is Vegan Beauty?

The word “vegan” usually refers to food products that contain no animal-based elements.

However, vegan also applies to what we put on our skin. When it comes to beauty items, brands like Tibby Olivier have chosen to respect animals.

Just like food products, a beauty item can be called vegan if it contains no animal-derived ingredients, but also if it hasn’t been tested on animals.

Today, 1/4 of millenials claim they are vegetarian or vegan, and consumers are increasingly aware of what their favourite products contain and how they are manufactured. When someone commits to the vegan lifestyle, they will not wear, eat or use products that contain any animal-based ingredients whatsoever. This means not eating any animal products at all, including meat, fish, dairy and eggs, not wearing any wool or leather and not using honey. So it’s important to know how to read labels on beauty products.

Most Tibby Olivier products are vegan and made exclusively with plant-based materials. Blends are made with essential oils reinforced with oligo-elements to create a powerful cocktail of active ingredients that penetrates deep into the skin, helping to detoxify it and rapidly regenerate.

Why use vegan products?

Vegan beauty products and eco-responsibility go hand-in-hand. When you choose vegan products, you are respecting the environment, living species and finally your own skin. Whether you’re vegan or not, it’s important to learn more about where ingredients come from if you want to be more responsible about your beauty products.

One of the elements Tibby Olivier uses in its blends is spring marine water, from a Brittany source that’s 22 metres deep. It’s different from salty seawater and contains a high level of magnesium and silicon. The New Faith Lift Super Active Cream is made from myrrh, a natural tree resin that activates collagen to smooth out skin and help reduce wrinkles. The New Faith Lift Night Cream is made from Mexican wild yam, an ingredient rich in diosgenin which increases skin regeneration and stimulates cellular function by imitating estrogen production.

How to know if a product is vegan

Vegan skincare products contain no animal ingredients. In other words, they are made from plants and minerals, as well as safe synthetic ingredients.

A product certified “Clean Beauty” isn’t necessarily vegan, or vice versa. It’s up to you to see if there’s a logo on the packaging, or to ensure there are no animal products listed amongst the ingredients.

Though very committed, some brands are not entirely vegan. Most Tibby Olivier products are vegan, the Angel Healing Cream contains beeswax which — like the other ingredients — was carefully selected for its effectiveness on skin.