Shrinking Violet Wrap successfully helps to shrink fat from all over the body especially the problem areas such as upper arms, stomach, hips, buttocks and thighs using a method called lipolysis.

Lipolysis works by breaking down fat stored within your fat cells, and the main ingredient in Shrinking Violet is a Phospholipid, an ingredient used in fat dissolving injections. A good thing about this is you don’t need injections to help reduce body fats!

Upon application, the active ingredient Phospholipid penetrates the skin in seconds. The heat generated from the Wrap forces the oil into the skin where the Phospholipid is attracted to the fat cells, and it helps breaks down the fatty acids which are expelled from the body via the lymphatic drainage.

I was really intrigued with this as this is a favourite among Hollywood celebs so I decided to give it a try. Jyoti, the Jam Beauty Lounge spa owner, told me that I only need one session as my body only required firming. The Jam Beauty Lounge spa, located in Al Garhoud, has really accommodating staff and a nice and light atmosphere.

Before your Shrinking Violet slimming wrap, remember to:
-Hydrate! It’ll be better as you’ll be aiding the loss of water retention from your body.
-Don’t drink caffeine or any tea-based drink.

They measured each part of my body (midriff, chest, waist, hips, thighs, arms, etc), marked my measured parts with washable marker, and then massaged some Shrinking Violet oil all over my body. The Shrinking Extreme Booster was also applied on some of my more problematic parts—tummy and arms. They also mentioned that Kim Kardashian is a fan of the Shrinking Violet wrap.

I laid there for an hour. I was wrapped–like a mummy!–and can only do limited movements. Good thing that after a few minutes, one of their staff gave me a 15-minute head and scalp massage to help me relax. I went into a slumber afterwards since it was so good and I really had nothing to do. The ambiance and the lighting of the room also put me to sleep. Twenty minutes before the 60-minute wrap is about to be removed, one of their staff went into the room again and gave me a foot massage. It was heavenly.

They carefully removed the wrap with scissors afterwards and massaged in any excess oil aiding lymphatic drainage. This was satisfyingly good. They measured me again and then I realised that I’d lost a whopping 10cms/4 inches from all over my body–2 cms at the chest, 2 cms at the waist, 1 cm at the left upper thigh, 1 cm at the left lower thigh, 1 cm at the left knee, 1 cm at the left calf, 1 cm at the right knee, and 1 cm at the right calf. Not bad as I am already really slim and just wanted firming and toning. My arms, thighs, and tummy part felt a lot firmer.

After the Shrinking Violet inch loss wrap:

  • No showering or exercise for 8-12 hrs! The oils still have effects on your skin. It’s better if you have your inch loss wrap after a light lunch, so you can tuck yourself warm under your blankets at night and let the Shrinking Violet inch loss oil do its magic.
  • Limited caffeine/tea for 72 hours.
  • Hydrate! They also recommended to drink warm water with lemon upon waking up with an empty stomach. It helps in washing out toxins and makes the tummy flatter. Of course, exercise and proper diet still are keys! You’ll be urinating more than usual as you’re flushing all the toxins, which is also good for your health.

The process continues for 72 hours and you’ll notice you’ll shed more cms/inches, making the Shrinking Violet inch loss wrap more powerful than other wraps.

Jam Beauty Lounge, Al Garhoud