Wedding Weight Wonders

Shrinking Violet Helps You Fit Into Any Dress

In the run up to any wedding, each bride will be frantically crash dieting to make sure that special dress fits perfectly. Now, thanks to Shrinking Violet, there is an easy way to look fabulous for the big day.

Shrinking Violet is an established professional inch-loss brand that has now put its technology and expertise into a very special home kit. The Shrinking Violet Home Use Kit is designed to instantly shrink away those excess inches, helping you in the quest for that perfect silhouette.

The kit includes the fantastic Shrinking Violet solution which is applied to the body before putting on the amazing Shrinky Suit. After just an hour you will see immediate results which get even better with the application of the special aftercare products provided. The kit even comes with its own tape measure so you can keep track of how many inches are slipping away.

The Shrinking Violet Home Use Kit targets those typical problem areas of the abdomen, buttocks and thighs, so whatever the style of your dress, you are sure to make it look its best. With the possibility of shrinking up to two inches from your waistline alone, you will be turning heads for more than one reason on your big day!

The build-up to any wedding can be stressful enough, and Shrinking Violet is here to help brides, bridesmaids and even the grooms get into shape without the hassle. It is clinically proven to deliver the results you need and has been hailed by the press as a ‘loss leader’.

The Shrinking Violet Home Use Kit is available from and costs just £129.99 for a fabulous, slimmer new you.
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