Review: Shrinking Violet

When I was first contacted to try this treatment I wasn’t sure whether to accept. My first thought was quite negative as I just couldn’t see how this would work. As a size 20/22 I was also a bit anxious about it not fitting me and having to admit that.
Despite this apprehension I decided to give it a go though and I was pleasantly surprised. The outfit was very snug but I feel this actually allowed the product to work more efficiently as it created more heat. I was just so damn happy that it actually fit, how hot do I look in this? Jokes.
Shrinking Violet is known as being the loss leader for professional body wrap treatments and is now available in this at home kit.
The kit includes a shrinky suit, Shrinking Violet oil, measuring cup and tape measure alongside charts to track your progress on.
It is incredibly easy to use. Measure yourself beforehand, massage the oil into your problem areas and put on the shrinky suit for at least an hour. I thought this was great as it gave me a bit of an excuse to lounge around watching Gossip Girl. Not that I need an excuse.
 I also felt slightly like a space man in the suit so there’s that.
The only negative I would have is that the oil based solution is extremely messy and I feel like my bedroom has a coating of oil all over it now.
However putting that aside this product is great, it definitely allowed me to lose inches which is the aim of the kit. In fact after just two uses I have lost over 8 inches from my body, which is incredible when this kit is so easy to use. Trying this was something that I wasn’t looking forward to as I felt that this would just be a gimmick and wouldn’t actually work. Well how wrong was I.
If you’re looking to fit into an outfit for a special occasion then this could be your friend. It works great without having to step foot in a gym and is definitely a quick fix. My next move is to see how well this will work alongside dieting as I have been eating all sorts of crap lately.
The Shrinking Violet Home Kit is available for £129.00.