Shrinking Violet Home Kit Review

Okay be honest with me, if you could loose a few inches by slathering yourself in oil and putting on a rather interesting looking silver suit, would you do it? Even if you are a bit of a gym bunny, I think the idea of utilising your down time to the max is pretty tempting. This is the idea behind the Shrinking Violet home kit* (RRP £129). If you aren’t already familiar with the brand, they are best known for the Shrinking Violet Professional Body Wrap that is used in salons around the country. They are really popular with celebrities and regular salon goers alike and now, they have branched out to the at-home market.

I was contacted by the Get Shrinking team in mid August about a top secret launch. All of the information was strictly embargoed until September 15th and right until the kit arrived, I wasn’t entirely sure what exactly was going to turn up! I am a sucker for good packaging and I must admit, the Shrinking Violet team have nailed it. A clean looking white box arrived packed with their innovative oil based solution, a measuring cup, a handy measuring tape to track the inches you have lost and of course, one very sexy shrink suit.
The idea is that you rub the solution into any problem areas and then don the shrink suit for an hour which will help to increase your body temperature. This helps to encourage perspiration, allowing the body to start sweating out toxins and also claims to help break down fat cells. Whether you want to exercise with the suit on or just lounge around on the sofa is completely up to you as your temperature only needs to be raised by two degrees to start the treatment. Now, I have a lot of problem areas so I practically doused myself in the oil and put on my shrink suit, curious to see whether there would genuinely be any affect.
The first thing I have to say about the experience is my god I felt ridiculous. I honestly looked like a sausage in foil…it was pretty horrifying. So from that, I’m sure you can gather that there will certainly not be any full body shots of this delightful ensemble but here are a few sneak peaks…
I chose to take the lazy route and see what inch loss could be achieved simply by chilling out with the suit on for the first attempt. In true Sod’s Law style, after a good half hour of becoming delightfully sweaty (blogging is really not always glamorous guys!), there was a knock at my front door. In a bit of a panicked state, I chose to cover up my outfit by quickly chucking on my coat…not realising that it sort of looked like I was planning to go out…in my shiny silver trousers that were poking out from underneath. Needless to say I got a rather strange look from the poor guy at the door. Anyway, I digress but essentially, I will say that despite the instruction booklet saying you could wear this anywhere, even to the gym, it’s certainly not something I’d like to be publicly seen in!
During the time I wore the suit my temperature definitely increased despite minimal activity, but not to the point of being uncomfortable. In addition it also felt quite itchy, particularly in areas where the oil was most heavily used but after a bit of research I’ve found that to be expected. It certainly wasn’t a bad experience though and after an hour, I was very anxious to see the results. I took my measurements both before and after the treatment and overall I lost just over 3 inches. Not bad at all for just sitting on my sofa!
Now I’m sure that the effects are mainly down to water loss and will be interested to see whether the inches will continue to drop if I keep using the suit on a regular basis. The kit that I received has enough for eight treatments so I will update you all once I have completed the course. So what are my thoughts after my initial try out? Well I wouldn’t say it’s one of those products that you need to have in your life. But it did do exactly what it said on the tin and if you have a spare £99 to spend, then go for it. I reckon it would be really handy to have around especially before a big event if you just wanted to be that little bit more svelte! As for the long term effects, I shall let you know!
Bristolian Beauty