Pre Christmas Detox

Most people wait until after Christmas to begin dieting to take off the festive pounds. But did you know that you could prepare your body in advance to help you more efficiently eliminate waste, keep your body healthier, and avoid some of that Christmas weight gain? Yes, there are many benefits to detoxing before Christmas.

A friend of mine told me about the benefits of detoxing before Christmas and ever since then I have been a total fan of the process. I’ve found that when I purify my body before the festivities that my body is then able to survive the Christmas onslaught better. Of course, even when you do pre-Christmas detoxing, the key to enjoying the festivities without much damage is to eat in moderation. But here are some tips to help you detox before Christmas to avoid accumulating all those unwanted toxins.

Our body has its own natural way of eliminating toxins and purifying itself. However, your body can use some help to improve its performance sometimes. With Christmas just a few weeks away, it’s the perfect time to start preparing your body to work more efficiently. During the festivities, we tend to eat a little more than usual and eating a little less healthy, too. So detoxing early will help prevent your body from going into overload mode later. Here are a few suggestions to help with that.

Start your day with a glass of warm water.

When purifying your body, it’s a good idea to start your day with a glass of warm water with lemon in it. This warm lemon water isn’t quite as good as the morning tea or coffee that you might be used to, but it will help stimulate your liver to begin the cleansing process.

Add veggies.

You’ll also want to add more fresh veggies into your diet. Cooked veggies are great, but when detoxing, you’ll want to eat a lot of raw, leafy vegetables such as spinach, asparagus, and celery. These raw veggies help cleanse the blood system and replaces important enzymes. Your meals should be mostly veggies with small portions of lean protein. Untoasted nuts and seeds are also natural detoxifying foods.

Fruits are good too.

Fruits such as berries, bananas, apples, pears and watermelons are all known for their cleansing properties. So smoothies are great when you’re doing a pre-Christmas detox.

Reduce unnecessary additives.

You’ll also want to reduce the amount of salt and refined sugars that you consume while you’re detoxing. This helps your kidneys to work at peak performance. Other foods to avoid include processed foods, alcohol and caffeinated drinks, because they can overwork the liver and cause a build-up of toxins. Gluten-heavy grains as well as milk and soy-based products should also be avoided. Be sure to choose gluten-free alternatives when selecting bread and coconut or almond milk are great milk substitutes.

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If you’re in good health, then a gentle detox will help you keep your body in optimal condition during the holiday season. Keep in mind that children and pregnant women should NOT detox and of course, if you have a medical condition, you’ll want to consult your physician first.