Get Shrinking

I was sent this fantastic kit to review a little over a month ago but every time I go to post it I change my mind.  The premise is a weight loss suit, you apply the blend of aromatherapy oil to your problem areas, wear the shrinky suit and work out.

Seems simple enough?!

The reasons for the delay are listed below:

1)  I look ridiculous in it
2)  It’s not the kind of thing I normally post about
3)  I look ridiculous in it
4)  Getting the right photos wear I don’t look sweaty or tired are super hard to come by
5)  I look ridiculous in it.

I have been getting back into the swing of things gym wise and as much as I am not keen on the look of the suit, it does work.  In the kit you get: a shrinky suit, meausring tape, meausuring cup and oil.  The oil is my favourite part of the process.  Using the cup, pour out a small cupful of the oil onto the area that you want to tackle and then work out with he suit on.  What’s fantastic about the oil is,  it keeps working for hours after you finish your workout!

I know that working out in a shrinky suit can be daunting, however I have few top tips!

1)  Wear a thin top underneath the shrinky suit and wear some baggy pants on top.  The top inside will soak up the sweat and the clothes on top will help to raise your body temperature
2)   Stay hydrated! You will sweat a lot wearing this suit, so make sure to replenish your fluids
3)  If your problem area is your tummy- just wear the top of the suit.  Vice versa if your problem area is your legs

I used the suit 3 times a week for 1 month when working out and eating a controlled diet (for the most part) and have lost 1 who inch across my stomach.  For me, that is a really positive result and I will continue to use the suit, no matter how ridiculous I look in it!**

**Ridiculousness  of the suit is only emphasised when you jump on a trampoline pulling faces for your review!

Happy Shrinking!

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