Product Review: Shrinking Violet Home Edition

As you all know by now, I am still in the pursuit of getting back my pre-baby stomach, which means I am always on the lookout for ‘safe’ products to try out. So you can imagine my excitement when the guys at Shrinking Violet, also known as The Loss Leaders, got in touch. I was sent this Shrinking Violet Home Edition by Tibby Olivier, a worldwide leading beauty manufacturer, to try out some weeks ago and I finally got around to trying it.

I must confess, I was not expecting a miracle, not after going under the ice, and not achieving much from the treatment. I had no expectations, but was happy to try the kit out, since I won’t have to leave the comfort of my home.

The guys at Shrinking Violet Home Edition Kit say:

Shrinking Violet is an inch-loss system that has a clinical trial.
It can help reduce up to 14 inches based on our consumer tests. That inch-loss goes on for 72 hours following the treatment and in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle those inches stay off.

How it works:

The Shrinking Violet Home Edition includes a Shrinking Violet Oil 200ml worth £75, a measuring cup worth £1.99, a tape measure worth £5.99, record cards and a Shrinky Suit. The total value of the home edition is £129.99.

To start the treatment, I measure the area to be treated using the tape measure, in this case my stomach, and take note of the measurements, I apply 25ml of oil and rub in properly, then popped the Shrinky Suit on, and set the timer on for an hour.

Here are my thoughts on the product:


  1. I lost 2 inches! I took off the body suit once the hour was up. I massaged the oil left on the stomach and measured again, and realised I had lost 2 inches already. I was so shocked, I didn’t expect it to work to be honest. It was the easiest 2 inches I had ever lost in my life!
  2. I found the instructions clear and straight forward. Everything was written in black and white, like a little Dummies’ Guide.
  3. I love the fragrance of the body oil. It reminds me of a Spa, and how I am badly in need of a Spa Day.
  4. I like the fact that I could go about my business as normal wearing the Shrinky Suit. I didn’t have to sit still or anything. I was comfortable enough to carry on like I would have wearing my PJs.
  5. My sweat glands came alive in this Shrinky Suit. The Suit encourages perspiration and helps cleanse the body of toxins, which is great.
  6. It is a comfortable, painless and convenient way of removing inches in problem areas. The fact that this treatment can be carried out in the comfort of a home is a massive plus for me.


  1. Some may find this product expensive as it is £129.99 for a monthly pack, and it is recommended you use if for at least 3 months to achieve maximum results. However, as it is a tried and tested product that actually works, it is worth every penny in my books.
  2. It could get really messy as you will be applying a lot of oil (25ml), so I advise you do this in a bathroom or something.


  1. I can’t shower, swim or exercise for the first 12 hours after the treatment, in order for the Shrinking Violet Oil to be absorbed completely.
  2. I need to drink a litre of water a day for the first 4 days after treatment, in order to flush out as many toxins as possible.

I think this Shrinking Violet Home Edition is a smart invention. I am so sold on this product, I love everything about it and I see myself using this for the next couple of weeks, and I will be bringing you updates on Twitter so make sure you are following me on there, I am @Olojay.

I recommend this product to anyone struggling to get rid of problem inches in certain areas. Try the Shrinking Violet Home Edition.

What are your thoughts? Have you tried this product before? Drop me a comment, let’s chat.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.

Stella xx