Don’t lose focus on the New Year

Maximise this huge market opportunity.

Ok so we are approaching Christmas and suppliers and bloggers are full of tips and salon ideas about how you can maximise the opportunity.

Team Tibby want you to not lose focus on the New Year. It’s a huge market opportunity and for the salons that still have the energy following the busiest Christmas period but seriously now’s the time and if you get it right it will pay dividend all year.

We asked our busiest salons for their best tips and what worked for them in the New Year Celebrations of 2015.

Here goes:-

  1. Do a deal. One salon commented that when they rolled two treatments into a package the uptake was phenomenal. The normal cost to treat a problem area with Shrinking Extreme Booster is about £12 and for a wrap we charge £55. When we roll it all into one experience we charged £59 so the uptake was fantastic with most clients booking a course of 6. – Beauty Beyond
  2. Make them know. Its fine having a great offer but useless if you don’t let anyone know. We collect everyone’s email addresses and email them using Mail Chimp, it’s free and we measure its success with a code clients can use giving them 10% off when they book in. We contacted Tibby Olivier who gave us the graphics and Logos to use and over 25 people took us up on the deal. – Bliss
  3. Go through the diary. It felt like a brave move at the time and took me a few hours but I added all my clients into my phone and text them “Happy New Year, we have places for you to get into your LBD! Text yes and we’ll call you.” We booked 8 clients, 2 of which we hadn’t heard off for a year. We didn’t offer any discounts people were just happy for the text. – Head to Toe
  4. Maximise the asset. By asset we mean your client. While your client has their Shrinking Violet Wrap on it’s the ideal opportunity to offer the Faith Lift treatment. We had a 50% uptake just by asking the question. – Serenity
  5. Pencil in the next visit. We have a rule that started last New Year’s Eve and it’s worked so well we use it all year. We found that as it’s an expensive time over the festive period clients wouldn’t always commit to rebooking. So we always agreed the next time they should be coming in we’d then pencil that in 3 weeks before it was due. Those pencil scratchings really helped us get organised and the customers loved it. When they got the call from us the decision was taken away from them and every single one rebooked. It means that at the time we didn’t have to be too pushy. – Sugar and Spice

We hope it goes someway to help get your mind-set. If this inspires one salon with just a single one of the ideas then we’ve done our job well.