New Year, New You

Let Shrinking Violet Kick Start Your New Year

As Big Ben tolls to mark the start of 2017, our thoughts inevitably turn to our goals for the year. A massive number of people will choose weight loss as their new year’s resolution, and Shrinking Violet can help you achieve it.

Whilst many people start the year intending to lose weight, few make it past the end of January. Whether it is temptation, lack of motivation or the good old British weather, there are plenty of reasons to fall off the wagon and become disheartened. However, if you are looking for a platform from which to start your resolution, then look no further than the Shrinking Violet Home Use Kit.

Putting to use the fantastic technology of the Shrinking Violet salon treatment, this amazing Home Kit allows you to melt away the inches from the comfort of your living room. The combination of the ‘loss leading’ solution with the amazing new Shrinky Suit offers powerful and instant results. Fat cells are burned away, meaning any extra inches from the problem areas of the abdomen, thighs and buttocks simply disappear.

With a clinically proven solution to help you whittle that waistline, you can join the latest celebrity craze and give our new year’s resolution the kick start it needs. With Shrinking Violet’s help you can enjoy both the new you and the new year!

The Shrinking Violet Home Kit is available to buy here.