Get Shrinking – Shrinking Violet Home Kit – Review

Just over a month ago, I was sent the Get Shrinking, Shrinking Violet pack to test out.

This pack retails at £129 and is available to purchase here.

It’s expensive. £129 is a third of the money I budget myself for a month so picking one of these kits up is not something I’m likely to do unless I know it works!!

In the pack is your shrink outfit which is a long sleeved top and trouser set made from a thick plastic material.
Also in the box is 200ml of the shrinking oil, a tape measure, measuring cup, measurement log sheets, a hair net and disposable thong.

The kit is super easy to use. You apply the oil to the whole body or just your troublesome areas, put on the suit and carry on with whatever it was you were doing for an hour.
After an hour, remove the suit and rub the remaining oil into the skin.
You shouldn’t shower or bath for 12 hours after the application as the oil continues to do its thing for 72 hours; so it’s best after your evening shower/bath and then to be washed off in the morning.
The recommended usage for this product is once a week for the first month (2 within the first week for a good kick start), once fortnightly for the second month and once a month there after with plenty of water drinking throughout!!

Here’s how I got on for the first 2 months of the wraps:

Wrap 1;
After removing the suit, I had instantly lost around 1cm on all measurement areas. Within 72 hours I was back to my original measurements. Not a good start.

Wrap 2;
I decided to do my second session in the same week as my first so i could “kick start” the inch loss. After this session, I am down a total of 6cm on my waist and 2cm in all other places. 72 hours after this session, I am still down 2cm on my waist and 1cm down on all other areas. Now I’m a believer, but how long will this last??

Wrap 3;
After this session, I am down a total of 4cm on my waist and 1cm on all other areas. 72 hours after this session, I am down 1cm on my waist and no change since the last session on all other areas.

Wrap 4;
After this session, I am down a total of 1cm on my waist and no change on all other areas. 72 hours after this session, I am still down the 1cm on my waist.

Wrap 5;
After this session I am down a total of 1cm on my waist and 1cm on all other areas. After 72 hours I am back to my starting measurements for this wrap.

Wrap 6;
After wrap 6, I am down 1cm on my waist and no change anywhere else. After 72 hours I am still down 1cm on my waist. Read on for my total 2 month results!!

Wearing the shrinking suit is odd. It’s like wearing a very thick plastic bin bag and looking like you’ve dressed up as an astronaut for world book day!! If you live with other people, you might want to hide yourself in a locked room for an hour to save yourself the embarrassment!! It’s not the most comfortable of things to wear but it’s definitely bearable for an hour once every week.

The shrinking oil hasn’t had any negative effects on my skin such as rashes or irritation. It smells floral which I found surprising because I expected it to smell chemically. It applies really easily to the skin and rubs in very well.

The kit as a whole is very well put together; everything you could possibly need is inside however most of these things you’ll probably already own or could source for a much cheaper price. I don’t feel that the price tag is justifiable for whats included; the only 2 things you really need is the suit and the oil.

The process is easier than I expected. Once a week for an hour (at most) is very doable and that’s coming from somebody who has a very busy work, home and social life. The only thing I hated about the process is measurements; this isn’t really needed if you’re not “testing” the product as you go along, you can simply do a before and after measurement to save yourself some time and effort.

So down to the results…my final inch loss!! Since the start of shrinking until today, I have lost a total of 7cm on my waist but only 1cm in most other areas. This product doesn’t make you lose any weight as you shrink and I have no idea about the science behind it to explain how it works!!

Overall, a really good product for a quick fix for inch loss. It would be ideal to use for a few months before a holiday or wedding!!
I’m not sure I would spend £129 on this product after trying it out. That much money for a bottle of oil and a plastic body suit doesn’t seem justifiable for me.