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Back in August a member from the Get Shrinking team emailed me asking if I would be interested in trying out their brand new and completely secret product, which at the time was due to be released in early September. I actually suffer from a fast metabolism myself, so this kit for me is firstly not needed but also it would be inappropriate for someone who tries to maintain a healthy average weight (from being underweight) but, speaking to them they were very happy for me to pass the kit on to a friend and to then document their progress.

When waiting for the kit to arrive I had literally no idea what to expect, with at the time reading up on Get Shrinking I discovered that their new product could more than possibly be very similar to the body wrap, which is proven to be successful but however very difficult to put on and from that factor they are usually only found in salons. With this in mind I was very interested to find out what this kit was going to include, as Get Shrinking took much pride in telling me it is a specially designed kit for home use.

Then my kit arrived…

Included in the kit you get; The shrinking suit, which is made up of two items: a long sleeve top and long trousers. The 200ml Shrinking Violet solution, a 25ml measuring cup, a tape measure and a number of little booklets full of information and charts for you to keep note of your progress.

Now let’s start with the suit because this suit isn’t the most attractive of items of clothing, you look more like, if I’m honest, some sort of martian or like you’ve wrapped a load of tin foil around yourself but at the end of the day it’s for home use so who really cares!

Passing this kit onto my friend she was very excited to try it out!  

Before using this kit she had decided that her tummy was her own personal problem area and therefore she is only using the solution on this area of her body.

To use this product it’s very simple; all you have to do is measure out (using the 25ml measuring cup) the shrinking violet solution and rub it into your skin of the problem area, so whether that be your tummy, thighs, etc. Then put on your shrinking suit and let time pass you by, the great thing with this suit is that when wearing it what you do is up to you, you can choose to put your feet up and catch up on that box set or alternatively you can choose to exercise.

Using this suit only twice so far my friend has told me that when she first wore it she noticed instantly that the top part of the suit was going to be quite uncomfortable to wear, as of the elastic type collar irritating her skin, but pushing that to one side on first use she was quite impressed. As she started to move around in the suit she felt the oil on her tummy starting to warm up and with that her body in the suit also started to warm in temperature, after about an hour and a half of finding different things to do she took the suit off and found that amazingly she had lost just under an inch around her tummy. On the second use she followed the exact same procedures as before and once taking the suit off had found to have lost half an inch again around her tummy, which in my opinion for just wearing a strange outfit and feeling a bit toasty is not bad at all!

Now obviously with loosing weight or maintaining a healthy weight a good balanced diet and regular exercise is always going to be key and I’m not here to tell you to go out and buy this nor am I saying to not because at the end of the day a person’s weight is a personal decision and quite truthfully up to each individual.

The cost of this kit is £99.00 and can be purchased with further information from the following:

Jess xx
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