Get Shrinking Home Kit Review

Earlier this morning, Get Shrinking launched their brand new and exciting product, the Shrinking Violet Home Kit which claims to help you instantly lose inches in just one hour. It sounded promising, and I was lucky enough to be involved with this weight loss kit and I’m here to tell you how I got on when I tried it out.

When I picked up the post, I had no idea what to expect since Get Shrinking wanted to keep the kit a secret until the very last minute. I opened up the parcel, and inside there was a suit. I’m not talking a well fitted two piece suit and tie kind of thing.. the suit was silver and stretchy and looked like something made for a space trip. My first thought, astronaut.

I was a little confused as to how this was going to give me immediate results. In the box with the suit there was a 200ml bottle of Shrinking Violet solution (a powerful blend of oils that help to aid with inch loss), a 25ml measuring cup, a tape measure and some information booklets with measurement charts to keep track of your losses.

As I was reading more information about the shrinky suit kit, I learned the suit was similar to body wrapping. Body wrapping is a treatment where you are tightly wrapped up for a few hours to help you detox and temporarily slim down. The only problem with body wrapping is it difficult to do at home by yourself and is best left to the experts. But with this shrinky suit, it gives similar results without you having to go to a salon or learn how to professionally body wrap.

To use the suit, simply pour out 25ml of the Shrinking Violet solution into your measuring cup. You then massage the solution into your skin and slip on the bottoms and top. The suit causes your body temperature to rise, which encourages perspiration and helps to cleanse the body of toxins. It’s so simple. You can choose to sit back and relax while the suit does all the work, or you can do a workout which might make the treatment that little more effective. The Shrinking Violet solution contains loads of amazing ingredients that care for your skin and work with the suit to help with inch loss.

One of my biggest problems the last few months is that I’m drinking excessive amounts of coca cola and snacking on sweets and chocolate. As you can imagine, it leaves me looking and feeling very bloated. I am overweight, and could do with shifting a few stone so I felt this kit was something that would give me good results since I have fat to work with *sigh*.

I’ve used the suit twice so far. The first time I used the suit I decided to jump on the crosstrainer for 5 minutes to warm myself up. I noticed straight away that the oil began to warm as I moved, and I could feel my body temperature rising more than it would in my usual workout clothes. I went around the house cleaning and browsed online for an hour and a half after I finished on the crosstrainer. I then took the suit off and instantly noticed that I looked less bloated around my stomach area. I measured, and I had instantly lost an inch and a half. I measured the rest of my body, but there was no loss anywhere else. I did feel like my body felt lighter too, not as in weight loss, but lighter as in my insides felt cleansed and I didn’t feel as podgy.

The second time I used this product, I noticed again that I looked less bloated but there wasn’t any inch loss. I did take photos of myself before and after to make sure it wasn’t just a placebo effect and my mind wanting to believe, but there was definitely a small difference when I compared the photos.

Do you see what I mean about my first thought being astronaut?

Now the best thing for weight loss is obviously a sensible diet and regular exercise. I do try to eat sensibly and exercise often, but sometimes you just lose all motivation. I couldn’t say no to giving this product a try and seeing if it was a miracle product.

If you have £129.00 to spare for a one month supply and you have a special occasion coming up where you want to look your best then this kit might be for you. It isn’t magical and it won’t completely transform you but it will help to make a noticeable difference which will boost your confidence. There are also other options available to buy things like the lotion, suit etc separately.

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