Shrinking Violet At Home Kit Review

Many of you may have already heard of Shrinking Violet. I had heard of their body wrap before but was always put off by having to take time out to go to the salon to have one (not easy with two young boys to run around after!)
Now they are bringing us their at home kits, which is amazing for a busy Mam like me.
Shrinking Violet is a UK based brand although they are recognised internationally. Shrinking Violet are the only brand of its kind to be clinically proven.
In the kit you receive 200ml of solution, the Shrinky Suit, tape measure, measuring cup and record cards so that you can record your inch loss. The solution is an oil based solution which has been tried and tested in a professional environment and the specially made Shrinky Suit enhances the technology.
To perform the treatment all you do is measure out the solution in the measuring cup provided, then rub it into any problem areas and put on the Shrinky Suit. The suit only increases body temperature by 2 degrees making it suitable to wear while exercising. The suit encourages perspiration and helps to rid the body of toxins. You leave the suit on for 1 hour and you will get some immediate results. The solution continues to work for 72 hours and it is recommended to drink at least 1 liter of water a day for 3-4 days after the treatment.
It is recommended for best results to take the 90 day challenge.
Month One – 1 wrap a week
Month Two – 1 wrap every two weeks
Month Three – 1 wrap during the month
I tried the product the day it arrived. I got a total inch loss of 4 Inches. With the biggest loss being 1.5 inches from my waist. It is kind of difficult to measure yourself so this may not be totally accurate. I will get my partner to measure me next time so that it is more accurate. I haven’t measured myself since though so do not know if any more came off in the 72 hours after.
I managed to get in a right mess with the oil and ended up getting it everywhere but this is probably due to my clumsiness more than anything. Just be careful when applying it that you don’t splash it everywhere like i did. The suit was not at all uncomfortable. I wore mine while chilling in front of the tele.
I am going to continue with the 90 day challenge and will be sure to let you know my results.
Shrinking Violet Home Use Kit can be bought from and costs just £129. A bargain when one treatment in the salon costs around £65 and the solution provided in the kit allows you to do 6-8 wraps.
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