Wrapped up at Champneys Day Spa

When we were invited to Champneys day spa in Royal Tunbridge Wells for a good wrapping we didn’t really know what to expect.  But I was smiling 2 hours later and feeling much lighter and brighter after my Tibby Oliver Shrinking Violet wrap.

I arrived at the lovely high street Champney’s day spa and walked into a welcoming shop area and smiling faces behind the counter.  I was asked to take a seat and they then called my therapist who was a beautiful young woman called Amy, smartly dressed in branded Champneys uniform.

The treatment is called the Champneys Body Wrap on the menu and uses the Tibby Oliver Shrinking Violet wrap oil formula.

So what is this magic wrap?

The ingredients used during the Shrinking Violet wrap include an active phospholipid solution, pre-blended essential oils designed to reduce cellulite, these are made up into a nanoceutical solution which means the active ingredients can penetrate the skin in seconds.

The shrinking violet wrap would not be complete without using wrapture a special type of heat inducing film wrap.  The phospholipid solution consists of hydrolised lethecin at a 20% concentration 3 times more concentrated than most other wraps.

How do the Shrinking Violet ingredients work?

The heat generated from the wrapture allows the active ingredients to penetrate the skin and work on the cells in the fatty subcutaneous layer just underneath it. The ingredients change the permeability of the fat cells causing them to release intra-cellular fat which reduces the size of the fat cells. Changing the fat from a triglyceride (within the fat cell) to a free fatty acid. In this form the fat can be more easily removed from your body. It is essential that you drink lots of water following the treatment for 72 hrs to help this process.

To say I was sceptical is an understatement and I just could not see how being wrapped in cling film would take an inch let along with 5 or 15 inches off of my size.  We got started.

Step 1 – Consultation

Fill out a very detailed medical consultation form checking all aspects of my health, medication and wellbeing.  Amy made sure that I did not have any of the contra indications for the treatment.

Step 2 – Measure

I had to get undressed to my undies and Amy began to measure me in about 20 different places, top of arm, middle of arm, bottom of leg etc.  The only thing I will say is that I was haunted by a faint stain of blue marker pen for days…….

Step 3 – Oiled and Wrapped

Then Amy applied the special Shrinking Violet body oil and thoroughly massages in to boost lymphatic drainage.  I was then wrapped up from neck to toes in cling film.  Amy knew what she was doing because she wrapped my arms to my body so that I would not use my phone and had no distractions.

Step 4 – Possibly my favourite bit

I was then helped onto the treatment couch, a feat in itself to be honest whilst wrapped and then I was treated to a wonderful head massage.  The best bit I was left for a 40 minute quiet snooze.

Step 5 – The Remeasure

I am in shock!

In total overall inch loss of 10 inches, 1.5 on abs, 0.95 on hips,0.95 on bum, 0.75 waist etc. I saw it with my own eyes with no fluid loss. It works by Lipolysis, the active ingredient in the oil is attracted to the fat cell, piercing it and breaking down inside the fat cell where triglycerides are changed to free fatty acids so it can be excreted and transported to the lymph vessels for disposal by the body. That is where it goes apparently and it is not fluid loss.  Some say its water loss some are sceptical but most people like me think that a Tibby Oliver Shrinking Violet wrap is great before a party or special event but do allow 3 days in advance to get the best results.

Body wraps like these are not a quick fix to losing weight but as many of Amy’s clients have seen can quick start you on your way to a thinner you.  I was advised to changes in my eating habits, to eat more regularly and less pre-prepared sensible food as this helps with weight loss too.

Treat yourself to your Champneys Body Wrap at any of their locations www.champneys.com

Lisajane Davies