Weight Loss vs Inch Loss – What To Focus On For Your New Year’s Resolution

If you’ve struggled to keep up with your slimming goals in 2018, don’t fret.. Just start fresh!

Before making any body shape resolutions for 2019, get a firm idea on what you want to achieve – weight loss or inch loss?

Most women are obsessed with the weight scale results – however, getting low numbers on the scale doesn’t necessarily mean your body is in your desired shape or form.

Despite working out hard and following strict diets, if you don’t see a difference in your physical appearance (especially in problem areas such as your thighs, hips and arms), it’s probably because you’ve focused more on losing weight, not inches.

Why Inch Loss Matters More Than Weight Loss

Focusing on just weight loss might reduce your number on the scale, without really helping you see significant changes in your problem areas. You might even weigh less, but still have the same body frame.

While the number on the scale may decrease, this decrease can signify anything from a reduction in your muscle mass, body fat, or water ratio.

Inch loss on the other hand is focused on toning your body evenly and targeting specific problem areas, while lowering your body-fat percentage and increasing your metabolic rate – thus improving your physical fitness considerably.

We highly recommend Shrinking Violet Inch Loss Body Wraps to target localised fat deposits and lose inches.

These non-invasive inch loss technologies help shape your body and give you results that are not always possible with a diet and exercise routine.