Phenomenal Results From Shrinking Violet Lipo Pro

I have been using Shrinking Violet Lipo Pro for a few weeks now and it’s phenomenal. I had amazing results from Shrinking Violet professional body wraps but this is something different!

I do a lot of cavitation fat loss treatments and I wanted something that I could use with the cavitation, to make it not only more effective but also to add to a body transformation package. 

 The results I have had from the Shrinking Violet Lipo Pro treatment have been unbelievable. My clients are loving it. I am delighted and to say this has hugely accelerated the Inch Loss and the response from the treatment to say it is unbelievable is an understatement. 

I already loved Shrinking Violet Body Wraps but Shrinking Violet Lipo Pro results are off the scale for my clients and my salon. Love Love Love!

 I am looking forward to taking this treatment to another level in the new year! Thank you Tibby Olivier!

Joanna Johnstone Beauty Therapist December 2018