Shrinking Violet Weight Loss Treatment

Today I have an exciting update post for you girls. I was recently sent literally the best product ever!

It is a new weight loss ‘wrap’ in which you apply the oil pictured below, then a ‘shrinky suit’ over the top.
You may have heard and seen the fads all about weight loss supplements, and especially waist trainers which are a celebrity favourite. But this is really not at all daunting to use. The instructions are very clear, so you can’t go wrong.
The results are pictured at the end, so keep reading:
(Left to right) : The final result, after using it twice on my waist area and after the initial use.
If you can see, my waist width has gone down and is a little more streamlined. I definitely felt the oil working once applied (1hr) and using a tape measure only proved the effects further. 

It is subtle but it is honestly a miracle product in my opinion. I have now given it to my mum to try, as I was quite skinny to begin with so I don’t have genuine problem areas, but I couldn’t resist giving it a go!

What do you think?

Shrinking Violet has been available since September 15th and you can purchase your kit for £129 online.

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