Shrinking Violet Home Edition Shrink Wrap Kit

Last week, I announced the arrival of my Shrinking Violet home edition shrink wrap kit. If you missed the post, have a read here for full details of what’s included, how it works etc.

What I didn’t know at the that time, was that this kit works slightly different to others. The mix of oil and heat are what flush the toxins through. This kit doesn’t work by dehydrating you, therefore when you have that first glass of water, the inches don’t come back like they do with some shrink wrap treatments.

I have now completed my first treatment. Read on for my thoughts on the treatment!

Firstly, the kit says to use 25ml of lotion. As I was only concentrating on my bum, tum and thighs, I cut this down significantly.


The lotion has a lovely salon fresh, citrusy smell. It is quite runny but was easy to apply and didn’t end up all over.

I then popped the suit on. The plan was to take a couple of photos with the suit on. I couldn’t do it! There is nothing flattering about being dressed in a head to toe silver coloured shrinky suit, and that is not something I want immortalized on the internet. I would seriously recommend doing this alone or with people you are extremely comfortable with!

I thought the suit would be rather uncomfortable but it really wasn’t. It warns in the instructions that the heat and perspiration may cause itching. I have sensitive skin, so I fully expected to be itchy but I wasn’t at all. I did feel warm, but not uncomfortably so.

After waiting for an hour, it was time to remove the suit. I turned it inside out and wiped clean with a damp cloth, although it didn’t feel sticky or anything.
My skin felt amazing. So soft and not at all greasy.

The results: I lost just short of 2 inches from my stomach and bum area (measuring around my hips), 1 inch of my waist, and just over 1 inch from each thigh! That’s a dam good result for one treatment!

I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to kick start a weight loss programme, someone wanting to tone up slightly or just for a big night out!
Well worth the money!

For more details, or to buy your own Shrinking Violet Wrap Kit, visit the Get Shrinking website here. These kits are a bargain at only £129. I have had a look, and for one session of this treatment at a salon, the price is around £65, so this is a really good offer. This link is NOT an affiliate link, so you can rest assured I’m not trying to sell you this so I make a pound or two. I really do think it’s extremely good value for money!

Pop along to the website, grab your kit and #GetShrinking now!