Shrinking Violet Review

I was given the Shrinking Violet Shrinky Suit to test a few weeks ago and now that the product is officially out on the market I’ll be sharing my experiences with it! When I was contacted by the Get Shrinking team, I had literally no clue of what the product might be and what it’ll do.

The kit includes your shrinky suit (the funky looking space suit – honestly made me laugh out loud when I opened the kit!), a bottle of the solution you apply on your body, a little measuring cup to get the right amount of lotion each treatment, tracking cards and a tape measure. There’s loads of solution to use, it’ll last for a good 8-10 treatments!


The solution smells quite nice, I think the only way I could describe it is kind of a massage oil scent. All you need to do is rub it on the areas you want to target, put on the suit and do whatever you want for an hour. Probably best to stay indoors haha! You can just either sit down and watch TV or do light exercise – the point of the shrinky suit is to raise your body temperature by a few degrees to get the solution working.


I honestly wasn’t expecting much to come out of this – maybe it’s just my sceptical approach towards anything – but holy cow it really did work! This is my tracking card, before measurements taken literally moments before putting the suit on and after measurements were taken when I woke up the next morning. The little leaflets do say that the results do get better over time so it might be best to “sleep on it” and only measure the next day.

And just to clarify, the measurements are in centimeters, not inches! 🙂

I’ve only managed to do one treatment so far, but if the results stay similar I’m more than pleased! I’d like to remind everyone that this is not some magical cure for weight loss on its own. It should be used as a part of a healthy diet, you will not achieve permanent results if you don’t keep active! 🙂

You can order your own kit straight from the Get Shrinking website. They also offer a 90 Day Challenge to take part in for the best results!

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