Shrinking Violet Home Edition

Experience The Shrinking Violet Professional Wrap… At Home

Body wrapping has long been the territory of beauty salons, but now the original ‘Loss Leader’ Shrinking Violet has a home version for everyone to enjoy.

Most of us are carrying extra inches that we could live without, but many are put off entering a beauty salon for a professional treatment. Shrinking Violet Home Edition makes it easy and comfortable for you to kick start your new image, whether it is at home, in the gym, or running in the park, and after just one treatment you can see instant results.

Shrinking Violet is a well established, UK made brand in the professional beauty industry, and now these inch-loss specialists are turning their expertise to wider market so that everyone can enjoy the benefits.

The Shrinking Violet Home Edition includes a solution, Shrinky Suit, tape measure, measuring cup and record cards for you to perform your own wrap treatment from the comfort of your sofa. The 200ml Shrinking Violet Solution is an oil based solution which has been tried tested in the professional environment, whilst the specially made Shrinky Suit enhances the technology.

To perform the treatment, simply rub the solution into any problem areas and put on the Shrinky Suit. This amazing suit only requires you to increase your body temperature by two degrees so it can be worn whilst sitting still or during exercise. The suit encourages perspiration and helps to cleanse the body of toxins. You can remove the suit after one hour, and not only will you get immediate results, the solution will continue to work for some time after. The tape measure will help you to assess your progress to see how many inches you can lose in just a month!

Shrinking Violet is internationally recognised and is the latest craze amongst a range of high profile celebrities. It is the only brand of its type to be clinically proven and has been hailed in the press as a fantastic ‘loss leader’.

For the best inch-loss results, take the amazing Shrinking Violet 90 Day Challenge! Continue to use the product over the space of three months and you could be a shadow of your former self!

The Shrinking Violet Home Edition is available from and costs just £129.99 for a fabulous, slimmer new you.
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