Shrinking Violet & Occlusive Therapy – A Powerful Combination

Shrinking Violet Body Wrap’s phenomenal success can be attributed to the clever combination of the medical ingredient ‘phosphatidylcholine’ pre-blended into cellulite busting essential oils and its use of occlusive therapy. Occlusive therapy is a powerful healing tool in the hands of trained dermatologists, and plays an important role in treating several common skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and chronic hand dermatitis.

This understandably leads us to the popularity of Shrinking Violet Body Wraps – the clinically proven slimming solution’s active ingredient and the healing power of occlusive therapy, certainly packs a powerful results driven punch.

Shrinking Violet can be found on spa ritual menus in the most famous of spas, The Sha Wellness Clinic (Medical Weight Loss), Champneys, Resense Spas & Kempinski Spas worldwide.

Tibby Olivier use occlusive therapy in their body wraps as they have found that after applying the slimming solution and by simply wrapping the body in Wrapture (heat inducing film wrap), that both the absorption rate and the amount of active ingredients absorbed are greatly increased. Also, since it works as a non-permeable moisture barrier, it prevents the active ingredients from evaporating and keeps them trapped on the skin.

Tibby Olivier comments: “The Wrapture also traps heat, which increases the rate of skin absorption of the active ingredients in the Shrinking Violet slimming solution aiding inch loss results.”

Occlusive therapy via Shrinking Violet Body Wraps is a clinically proven way to greatly increase the effectiveness of inch loss body treatments, the use of lavender essential oil in the blended slimming solution also helps to calm and repair the skin.

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