Shrinking Violet Body Wraps

A month ago I was very excited for something that landed on my door step, having heard lots about shrinking violet* wraps used in salons, I was intrigued to hear that they had branched out into at home kits.

Tipped to be one of the latest celebrity go to products, I couldn’t wait to put it to the test.
What is it? 
The shrinking violet at home kit uses a process called lipolysis, which is a revolutionary way to remove unwanted fat from the body. Lipolysis breaks down the fat cells within the body and removes it from problem areas as the unwanted cells are excreted from the body.
How did I find it? 
The kit proclaims that you can lose up to two inches in just one 60 minute session.
I have to admit to being a little cynical when I first heard about the product. I didn’t quite want to believe that a wonder product like this could exist, because nothing is ever that easy.
I used the product for the first time, donning on my lovely, space age silver suit and settled myself down to watch a film. After about 10 minutes I started to feel the warmth of the suit and it got quite hot and sticky, maybe even slightly uncomfortable. After nearly an hour I was starting to question if it was worth it, but I stuck it out to check my new measurements post treatment.
I couldn’t actually believe I’d lost two inches from all of the problem areas of my body. As I continued to use the product on my problem areas I noticed the inch loss started to slow down somewhat, but I didn’t regain the inches i’d lost either.
The product does champion itself as a kickstart product, rather than as a solution and recommends that you also follow a healthy diet, so I definitely wouldn’t recommend that you rely solely on this product if you’re looking for significant weight loss.
Would I buy it again? 
If I knew I had a special occasion or a holiday coming up, I might just stretch to the £129 to buy a kit for the upcoming occasion, but I do have to admit it’s not in my price range as something I would buy again and again, more of a treat. If you have the cash to splash I could see this definitely becoming a permanent fixture in some peoples routines.
Id give this product a 7/10 over all for ease of use, value for money and overall results.
Until next time