Shaping Up Nicely

Chiselled, sculpted silhouettes are in high demand.

Shrinking Violet Lipo Pro combined with manual lymphatic massage is adored by our spas, clients love coming back for this treatment. Originally made popular by The Sha medical weight loss centre is Spain, the inch loss results this innovative advanced spa treatment gives makes it hugely popular worldwide.

“The Shrinking Violet Lipo Massage is raved about by clients, they love coming back,” says Le Spa director Isabel Sophia, “There has been a rise in those seeking alternative ways to contour and sculpt the face and body, and I believe that lymphatic massage is the answer. It promotes better circulation and cellulite reduction. But we take things one step further. We incorporate Shrinking Violet slimming oils, Shrinking Violet – known for its fat busting properties combined with lipo massage techniques involving soft and firm pressure applied through strokes and patterns. Together they help to release tension from the muscles, allowing for greater blood and oxygen flow, feeding that sculpted look and feel. Each session ranges from 30 to 90 minutes, includes bespoke warming of Shrinking Violet slimming oils poured onto the face or body before we smooth the skin using our Shrinking Violet sculpting wand to break down and drain excess fluid, helping to renew the lymph system and release muscle tension. At the end of the treatment, you will feel completely restored and rejuvenated. I recommend having appointments once or twice a week alongside at-home sessions using the Shrinking Violet Home Kit which includes a massage brush and Shrinking Violet Slimming Oil, to tone, lift and firm. In addition, it’s important to maximise your water intake, so introduce our Shrinking Tea duos, to help de-bloat and flush out toxins, you can drink these hot or cold.”