New Inch Loss Product Launch From Shrinking Violet

Last week I was contacted by the people at Shrinking Violet if I would be interested in trying their brand new inch loss product before its release date today. I will try anything once and I must admit I always get excited and curious about trying something new that helps aid weight loss, teas, shakes you name it but I can honestly say i’ve never heard of anything like Shrinking Violet. Apparently this is the latest celebrity craze and had been shouted about in the media as a “fantastic loss leader” and is clinically proven- this also caught my attention and made me more curious to try it out.

What’s in the kit…

Shrinking violet is supposed to be similar to those body wraps you may have seen about. This is a kit which includes a ‘Shrink Suit’ and a body oil which are supposed to work in harmony to deliver quite a decent amount of inch loss from your waist, thighs etc. They also include a tape measure and bit of paper you can record your progress on, as well as a measuring cup.

My general thoughts on this product was how can an oil and a sweat suit make you loose inches in just an hour of wearing it? and it does say with immediate results. Usually with anything that claims this I cant help but think surely only healthy eating and exercise can do this?

This kit is a months worth and I have only been using it for a few days so far, but read on to see my initial thoughts ..

The Shrink Suit surprised me and I thought woah do I really have to put this on, and I hope the postman doesn’t knock in the hour I have this on for!

But like I said, ill try anything once.

So I put on the oil that’s included which has a really nice aromatherapy scent to it – I rubbed it on the areas I want to target like it said, then I popped on the glamorous silver shrink suit. My son did come out with the funniest comment “mummy I’m going to miss you when you go to space”.

The suit does generate quite a bit of heat, and my other half did mention that boxers use suits like this to sweat out (loosing water not fat) and make weigh ins.
After an hour of wearing it, i take off the suit and then massage in the excess oil and leave that on for a few hours like it says, the oil does leave your skin really nice and soft.

The first time I used it and measured myself i lost nothing – nada! no immediate results there sorry. But I did carry on using it to give it more of a chance, and 5 days later i’ve lost the most of just under half an inch on my hips, thighs and waist.
And no I haven’t been sitting in my shrink suit eating 200 burgers thinking why haven’t i lost 2 inches off my waist yet, i’m a pretty healthy eater and exercise regularly.

So personally i’m still not 100% sure on the product, but i’ll keep trying for the month and possibly report back with my results.
Everyone’s body is different so it may work better for others than it has me, I have read a lot of people say how amazing their first use was.

Shrinking Violet retails for £129

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