Inner Beauty Buzz: How I Shaped Up with Shrinking Violet!

By Mariam Yasin

I have been hearing the buzz around town and in all the beauty magazine about a miraculous all natural soy based product that has astounding results through releasing excess centimeters off the body, by the rather curious name of Shrinking Violet. Testimonials rave about how many centimeters thinner (in some case up to 20 cm) they somehow magically let go of after a few sessions of oil-lathering-plastic-wrapping. Huh? Could this really be natural and does is really work?

I was invited to experience it myself at lovely little aesthetic clinic in Business Bay, Ivory Aesthetics. It was a welcomed surprised in the dark contrast of the building it’s located in, and immediately as I stepped I felt comforted by the freshness of the white interiors and the beautiful details.


After filling up a form with all my details and medical background, I will assisted into my treatment room by my friendly technician who very professionally explained all the details about what was to take place and what I could expect to happen.

She explained that Shrinking Violet was a soy-based oil that helped to break down stored fat in the body through the phospholipid solution and hydrolyzed lethecin that penetrate the skin in seconds. It removes toxins from the body and therefore helps to shape up and firm the skin with results obvious from the first session (with five sessions being ideal for best long term results).

With that in mind, she took all my measurements, quickly brushed my skin with a body brush to stimulate the circulation and then applied the oil all over my body. The cherry on top was being tightly wrapped with clingfilm to make sure all those important ingredients penetrate the skin and do what they need to! All my past lives of ancient Egypt came flashing through my eyes, I felt like a plastic mummy…jokes aside.

I relaxed in my treatment room for an hour while the magic was taking place under the many layers of plastic wrap, then the technician came back to do the next steps . She carefully cut away all the plastic and she measured once again.


Wow, really? No way? Yep, in one session I managed to release a total of 8.9 cm from my thighs, hips, tummy, and arms.

Amazed by what had just taken place, I was instructed to drink plenty of water throughout the day (no caffeine, fizzy drinks or alcohol) as the oil with still be doing its charm over the next 24 hours and I would be releasing more toxins. I must admit my head felt very strange for the rest of the day, to the point of feeling uncomfortable. If that was the detox effect taking place or the side effect of oil, I’m not sure. I was told that was normal but that didn’t feel very normal to me!

Overall I was very impressed with the whole experience, I must say. If you need to shape up before a big event or special holiday trip, this is a perfect natural solution to slim a few centimeters with of course a good fitness routine and healthy food plan. Also, my technician made sure to tell me many times that five sessions are ideal for the best results.


Ivory Aesthetics has a special offer for the Shrinking Violet Treatment available, AED 520 per session and if you purchase a package of four sessions you get the fifth one complimentary.