Halve Your Wardrobe

Shrinking Violet Shrinks More Than Just your Waist

Most women will admit that not every item in their wardrobe is the same size. We all keep some so-called ‘fat clothes’ for when we are feeling less than fabulous. Now, Shrinking Violet can free up your hangars as you leave your ‘fat days’ behind.

The female form rarely stays the same, and whether it is due to a fluctuating diet, the time of the year, the time of the month or recovering from having a baby, we can all vary in size. For this reason, most wardrobes are filled with clothes that are at least two different sizes. This could be for you to hide inside when you don’t feel too good about yourself, or just those blast from the past clothes that don’t really fit but you can’t bring yourself to part with.

The Shrinking Violet Home Use Kit shrinks away those inches, meaning you will never need to hide again. Offering instant results, this clinically proven solution attacks fat cells to leave you looking fabulous. The kit enables you to lose a whole dress size in just 30 days, which is why it has been hailed by the press as a ‘loss leader’.

With Shrinking Violet on hand, you can kick-start any weight-loss regime and never worry about excess inches again. Now, you can throw out those ‘fat clothes’ and enjoy filling your wardrobe with things for the new, slimmer you.

The Shrinking Violet Home Kit is available to buy here.