Fighting and Understanding Cellulite


What is cellulite?
Our body is so astute, it has cells especially created to store fat. Fat cells can inflate to sixty times their volume, so there’s plenty of room to store more fat and if the fat cells fill up too much, they deform the skin’s fibrous network and make it easier for fatty tissue to be formed. The skin’s surface becomes filled and well padded, showing the well-known “orange-peel” effect of cellulite.

Cellulite may be caused by many things:

  • A diet too rich in sugary and fatty foods
  • Bad circulation which could be hereditary
  • Hormonal changes
  • An overly sedentary lifestyle

Although it is not at a major health concern, on smooth skin cellulite can look unattractive and make many women feel self-conscious. Shrinking Violet slimming solutions and massage treatments can give you impressive results, as well as better quality of skin and, possibly, a happier relaxed life!

A varied diet
Your metabolism starts to slow down around age thirty. That’s why the sugary treats you could munch without a thought in your twenties, suddenly goes directly on your hips and thighs today!

Let’s explain. When you eat a lot of sugary foods, it boost insulin production. That’s a hormone that activates fat cells. Excess sugar in the body gets changed into glycogen and it is stored in our fat cells, forming the orange-peel effect.
So it’s best to have a well-balanced diet that includes plenty of protein, fruit and vegetables.

Keep moving
This is especially for office workers and those who are also seated most of the day. When you remain seated for long periods of time, your lower limbs aren’t efficiently doing their job of pumping your venous and lymphatic systems every time you move and flex. This inevitably helps to causes cellulite to appear on your bottom and thighs. The easiest solution? Is to keep moving, start walking and help to get all your body systems moving! By keeping your muscles active, you will be keep your metabolism from slowing down, and make it easier for your body to burn fat.

Shrinking Violet slimming body oils: your secret allies.
Beauty products for the body help fight against cellulite with plant-based ingredients. Tibby Olivier has perfected the Shrinking Violet Treatment Oil that is used to remove inches in problem areas such as thighs, buttocks and abdomen.

To strengthen its effectiveness, the Shrinking Violet Cellulite Oil will visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite and will aid in helping you lose inches. It’s rich natural ingredients also contain lavender essential oil which aid in calming and toning the skin.

You massage it on to your dry skin in the morning with a circular motion. Its light consistency penetrates your skin without leaving a greasy residue, ideal for when you’re in a hurry. Recommended to be used morning and night for best results.

For even greater effectiveness, combine it with the Shrinking Violet Bums & Tums targeting the thighs, bottom, hips and stomach areas. When you use it regularly every day, you will quickly notice a difference.

Learn to love yourself
Most importantly of all, we must stop vilifying cellulite so much – usually it’s simply been hidden or photoshopped. However 90% of women have it, in other words, you, your best friends and every celebrity! So we should go easier on ourselves and stop comparing ourselves to others. Let’s forget our hang-ups and just concentrate on what’s good for us, starting with taking care of ourselves.

When you apply your Shrinking Violet slimming oils, take the time to really give yourself a massage, like a true moment of self-care. It’s also a great time to relax in a bath of SlimBathe.

Firstly pre-treat your body using a body brush first for a boost in circulation, cellulite reduction and helping flush the lymphatic system and aid detoxification.

Once a week or a month, treat yourself to a spa session where Shrinking Violet Body Wrap products are used, giving your mind and body a way to regenerate. Taking care of your body like this also means loving it with all its flaws and perfections. It works every time! We recommend Shrinking Violet Body Wraps, Shrinking Violet Body Sculpting Massage. Shrinking Sheer Bliss and for in-depth body treatments Shrinking Violet Lipo Pro Treatments.