The Body Booster

Our bodies are incredible powerhouses – made up of complex systems of veins, arteries, nerves and organs, our bodies work hard to maintain the level of nutrition we so desperately need to survive while simultaneously expelling everyday toxins from the body. One of the most important entities responsible for this transaction is the lymphatic system, the network of vessels through which lymph (the fluid that helps push toxins out of your system) drains from the tissues and into the blood. In many countries across the globe, lymphatic drainage massage is a regularly practiced technique used in doctors’ offices and hospitals to combat patients swelling and stress post-surgery or medical procedure. In the UK, however, lymphatic drainage massage is often seen as a luxury – something that is not necessary but can be occasionally useful. We at Shrinking Violet are here to change that mentality!

A healthy, active lymphatic system uses the natural movements of smooth muscle tissue to move the lymph fluid through the body. However, when lymph builds up and thickens (normally after surgery or some other damaging activity), the lymph nodes become enflamed and it becomes increasingly difficult for the lymphatic system to push waste out of the body, leading to noticeable changes in the skin. This is where our latest add-on treatment, Shrinking Sheer Bliss, comes in!

Shrinking Sheer Bliss is 90 minutes of pure inch loss bliss, this spa ritual incorporates body brushing and full body exfoliation to refresh and stimulate, bespoke lymphatic mapping followed by a lymphatic drainage massage tailored to your individual bodies needs using the Clinically Proven Shrinking Violet inch loss oil. This spa ritual will decongest your lymphatic system, whilst our fat bursting formula will start to shrink those inches, an intensive anti-cellulite treatment encouraging the elimination of toxins and excess fluid, boosts circulation and aid in slimming, highly effective inch loss. Not only is this “really amazing and super relaxing” but it’s also great for boosting your immune system, detoxing the body, reducing overall puffiness, and reducing inflammation. The Shrinking Sheer Bliss system is also an excellent tool for speeding up the post-workout or injury recovery process. Add this treatment to any Faith Lift facials for a lymphatic body boost while your face is being pampered, for a complete overall from head to toe.

*Please be advised: while this add-on treatment is good for all ages and skin types, be sure to ask your doctor before use if you’re pregnant or have any chronic illnesses or heart conditions!

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