Shrinking Violet. Do You Think It Really Works?

Last week we were sent the Shrinking Violet home Edition Kit to test out and review here on the blog and boy did we have some great family fun!

Body wrapping has long been in the beauty salons, but now with the launch of this home edition the treatment is available as a home product. That’s great for anyone who would like to try out the product and has no time to go to a salon.

I have to be honest, I was looking forward to trying out the treatment. If your following my weight loss journey which you can see Here you’ll see that I’ve lost 30 lbs since October last year.

When I opened the pack, I knew I wouldn’t fit into the shrinky suit. it’s not made for obese people. I didn’t mind too much though because of my illness Adrenal Insufficiency. I didn’t want to do a treatment which may use more cortisol than usual and effect my health.

So John my hubby agreed to be the Guniea Pig. He was secretly excited. He has put on a few pounds since marriage and liked the sound of a detox. So we measured up and John tried out the product.

He looked quite funny in his “spaceman suit” and my daughter found it hilarious. We ended up playing a game space man space man who are you. John walked around like a zombie and it helped him to build up a sweat and get the wrap working!

After the allotted time John took off the suit and remeasured. He had lost about an inch on his stomach. He also noticed over the next few days that his jeans were more loose. He needed to pee a lot more to flush out the toxins and has felt less hungry for fatty foods. Whether this was psychological and gave him the boost to be a little more healthier or not i’m not sure, however he has lost inches and on the scales he has lost 3 lbs in weight.

So that’s our experiment. Of course being the family we are, we had to throw some fun in there and take some shots of our superdad spaceman and his #getshrinking spacesuit.

So to my surprise the product does work. I’m always on the sceptical side when it comes to weigth loss products but it did what it said on the packet. Now we have a months supply and my hubby is going to be using it again which is great. It really does work.

Angela Milnes x