Kick Start Your Bikini Body Plans

Let Shrinking Violet Get You Beach Ready

As temperatures rise it is time to start planning that summer getaway. Along with the passports and sun cream you will need to pack your best bikini. If that thought fills you with dread, then let Shrinking Violet melt your fears away.

No matter what size, shape or age you are, stepping out in your bikini can be a test of anyone’s confidence. With all your lumps and bumps on show to the public it can make you want to hide away.

If that is the case for you, then the Shrinking Violet Home Use Kit can deliver instant inch-loss results to help you feel proud of your body this summer. Shrinking Violet has been hailed by the press as a ‘loss leader’ and can help you lose up to two inches from your waistline. You will see immediate results each time you use the kit, and with the Shrinking Violet 90 Day Challenge, anything is possible!

The Shrinking Violet Home Use Kit comes complete with its special formula, Shrinky Suit and aftercare products to make your curves something you will love. This clinically proven brand tackles all the typical problem areas that you might worry about, including the abdomen, buttocks and thighs.

Join the new celebrity craze, and let the only Shrinking Violet this summer be your inch-loss kit, not you.

The Shrinking Violet Home Use Kit is available to buy here.