Tibby Olivier’s products which include Shrinking Violet, Faith List and Duchess Wax are stocked in the world’s best salons and spas globally. We are adored by celebrities.

Education is paramount to Tibby Olivier.

We welcome anyone to come and train with us at one of our centres or even in your salon.

Once trained you’ll be supported by an industry leading customer care team that will help you with growing your client base social media ideas and keeping you abreast of all the advances and changes in our offerings.

The below infographic gives you some information about one of our treatments. You can earn up to £55 per hour with our Shrinking Violet treatment. Those really savvy therapists will sell a Faith Lift facial at the same time resulting in your time with the client being worth over £90 per hour with no stock cost.

Completing just 4 of these combined treatments a day will deliver you £112,320 per annum.