Sleep Peel, the gentle overnight face lift. No recovery time needed.

Take the first step into chemical peel treatments!

Tibby Olivier’s latest miracle product is the glamorous overnight alternative to a facelift – without bandages. This innovative gentle sleep peel a precious extract from Caviar Lime is naturally rich in Alpha Hydroxy-Acids (AHAs). A new biological exfoliation!

That work gently as you sleep to give a smoother, brighter and more even skin complexion. Without any irritation.

Look 10 years younger overnight!

* Firms, Lifts and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

* Unblocks pores and prevents spot formation

* Stimulation of TRPV3

* Gentle Exfoliation

* No recovery time needed

* Fast Clinical results

* Minimises the appearance of age spots

* Refines the completion, illuminates and brightens immediately.

One day course, only available to those Level 3 trained.
4 case studies are required to be completed after the course to ensure competence and confidence in the treatment.