Shrinking Sheer Bliss is an inch loss body ritual treatment which incorporates the amazing results from Shrinking Violet Inch Loss Body Wrap into a body treatment ritual designed to relax and de stress the client stimulating and de-congesting their lymphatic system along with real inch loss!

The treatment has 5 stages over 1hr 30 that create overall the Shrinking Sheer Bliss Ritual.
1. Measuring (Optional) & Body Brushing
2. Exfoliation
3. Lymphatic Mapping
4. Shrinking Extreme Booster
5. Shrinking Sheer Bliss lymphatic ritual and specific massage

The Beginner course is two full days along with case studies and assignments. The beginner course is for those new to industry and new to massage treatments. The course content for day one is to cover anatomy in full and the specific massage for Shrinking Sheer Bliss. Day two content concentrates on Shrinking Violet underpinning knowledge, lymphatic mapping and specific lymphatic work. Day one and two will be at least one week apart to ensure competence.

The conversion course for those already qualified in body massage is one full day course. Case studies may be required. A copy of your body massage certificate is required for the conversion course.

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