Who is Tibby Olivier?

Tibby Olivier is a trademarked trading style of Peelology Limited. Registered in the UK in August 2006. It is a private limited company. The registered office is 35 New Stamford Road Altrincham

What are Tibby Olivier Opening Times?

The customer care lines are open between 9:30 and 4:30 Monday to Friday. The website is always available and open for business in UK Channel Islands and Isle of Man.

How can I get technical support for the Tibby Olivier products?

You can get technical support from HQ by email or phone in addition to your trainer. There is a live chat facility on the website and a knowledge base available. Other online training is available with manuals. You can also refer to your trainer.

How can I track my order?

Once your order has been shipped, you can track your order at, failing this please contact Tibby Olivier and we can locate your parcel for you, please note we cannot narrow this down to a time, we can only inform you of the day your parcel will be delivered, if you have been carded or missed your parcel you will have to contact your local depot.

How long does my delivery take?

If your order is placed before 11am you can choose next day delivery. Other options are available and you can choose between next day or standard delivery the price for which will be quoted at the point of order.

Product sizes and weights

The products sizes and weights are clearly marked and often overfilled. Should any issue arise please make Tibby Olivier aware within 28 days of purchase.

Where can I have treatments done?

We have trainers/salons all over the country, you can locate your nearest salon on… And go onto the salon locator, alternatively please contact HQ either by email on / or phone 0161 327 0007 and we will be able to locate your nearest salon.

Are your products Vegan friendly?

The majority our products are Vegan friendly. However where we have knowingly used ingredients such as beeswax this is clearly marked on the ingredients list.

Are the products you use sourced in the UK?

The products are made in a private lab that we have a shareholding in. The products are produced on licence for Tibby Olivier. The raw materials are all purchased from UK companies and Final products made in the UK, Some raw materials may come from other EU countries. The ingredients are listed Ingredients are listed on the bottle per the Cosmetic directives. Percentages are confidential.

Do you test on animals?

Tibby Olivier does not test on animals. Our products are not tested by a third party on our behalf either.

Do you add labels to all your products?

All labels meet EU cosmetic Directive.

Where do your ingredients come from?

The business and its partners wherever possible only use the raw materials of the highest purity. These raw materials are chosen using the information available from the European Cosmetic Directive and the FDA in the USA. These organisations carefully select which materials are safe to use in the manufacture of cosmetics and given and limitations which may be applicable. It is important to ensure our choice of ingredients are made on the basis of the best scientific knowledge available and to this end we rely on the strict control of these appropriate authorities.

Does Tibby Olivier manufacture for anyone else?

Tibby Olivier is happy to accept private label work. We can assist you in design and manufacture of your potential product.

What Is Shrinking Violet Wrap Made Of?

The wrap is a pure polythene cast product. The wrap is designed to be able to stretch and lock. It is 100% recyclable and contains no toxins or PVC. It is used in many medical applications. It is unlike cling film although has a physical similar appearance. Unlike in that cling film is normally made from PVC and designed for food use. The Shrinking Violet Wrap is designed to be manipulated, other cling film type products are charged so as to ‘cling’. Cling film is also only normally 9 Microns and would tear when trying to use with our solution. It is highly recommended that it isn’t used with the SV product. It is important to use a wrap system which contains no harmful toxins.

What is ShrinkingExtreme Booster?

It’s a serum to spot treat a particular area of concern.

How do I use it?
The directions are on the product but essentially 6-10 drops per application. S.E.B Is the latest innovation from the TO labs, a real game changer and can eliminate the need of any other wrap system. A pure concentrated booster = shrinking inches.

Why is it so unique?
Shrinking Extreme Booster uses nanoceutical technology which facilitates skin penetration it offers clear benefits over competitive technologies and is biometic by design. Exceptionally small size nanocouticals typical 10-50nm, for smaller than those currently used for delivery.

e.g. liposomes which range from 50 -> 1000nm


The following conditions should be considered prior to administering spa body treatments including wraps, scrubs and polishes:

Allergies – Clients with allergies to certain herbs, wheat, gluten or dairy should avoid treatments with these ingredients because they are absorbed through the skin. SOYA-BEAN INTOLERANCE

Cancer – Cancer patients need to consult with their doctor, especially if they are taking certain medications or chemotherapy and are often advised to avoid body treatments.

Circulatory Disorders/Heart Disease – Clients with circulatory problems or heart difficulties should consult with their physicians prior to having body treatments performed since they boost circulation.

Diabetes – Some clients with diabetes can derive benefits from body treatments while others need to avoid body treatments including diabetics who are prone to sores and diabetes with the tendency to develop numbness in their extremities.

Edema – Clients with edema should obtain a medical release from their attending physician before body treatments but many can benefit from this therapeutic service.

Fever – Body treatments should not be administered to clients with a fever.

Herpes – Clients with herpes should avoid body wraps if the outbreak is active.

Hypertension/Central Nervous System Disorders – Clients should consult with their physicians prior to body treatments and mud treatments are usually avoided.

Inflammation/Infection – Clients should wait for inflammation to be reduced or infection to heal prior to body treatments.

Kidney Disorders – Clients with kidney disorders should obtain a medical release from their attending physician prior to having body treatments.

Lactating Women – Nursing women should obtain a medical release prior to body treatments to ensure they are in proper physical shape to endure all elements of the treatment.

Liver Disorders – Clients with liver disorders should obtain a medical release from their attending physician prior to body treatments.

Lupus – Clients should consult with their physicians because in most cases lupus patients are contraindicated from body treatments to avoid overtaxing their immune system.

Pregnancy – Most pregnant women can derive multiple benefits from body treatments but should have a medical release from their attending physician to ensure they are in physical shape to endure all elements of the treatment.

Skin Abrasion and Rashes – If the technicians is unsure of the rash or condition a clients has, they should not have body wraps.

Urinary Tract Infection – Often patients are contraindicated from body wraps during the acute stages of a urinary tract infection.

Wounds/Open – Clients with open wounds should not receive body treatments.

  1. Clients who need to be aware of their alcohol, salt or sugar intake should avoid body treatments that contain these elements because they will be absorbed through the skin.
  2. If you’re a Vegan then read the INCI.
  3. If you have nut allergies then read the INCI.
  4. If you think an irritation is caused by a certain ingredient it is advised that you rub a small test patch before full application.
  5. Look for products with fewest ingredients as this should lower the chance of any reaction.
  6. If in any doubt consult your doctor.
  7. If in any doubt contact the manufacturer.
  8. If you get any reaction contact the manufacturer.

I see you use salix alba - is this aspirin?

Salix alba extract is not restricted in cosmetics as governed by COSING 2013 directive. At the levels used no additional warnings are required.

Ingredients and Labelling

All Tibby Olivier products are clearly labelled and follow a quality assurance process. Should any product reach you without the correct labelling this should be returned within 28 days as per our terms for immediate replacement. As the products have been challenge tested (where appropriate ) and stability tested they do not need  use by dates or production dates, the products are coded for full traceability of each batch.

Is your use of macadamia nut oil dangerous to nut allergy sufferers?

It is not one of the declarable allergens, it is not a food product and does not need warnings.

What are SDS (MSDS) sheets?

An SDS sheet or safety data sheet is a document that contains information on potential hazards. It is an important component of product stewardship. You do not need to provide a SDS:

  1. if the substances/mixtures are supplied in the UK and not classified as hazardous or considered PBT, vPvB or of equivalent concern (e.g., endocrine disruptors).
  2. for certain products intended for the final user, e.g. medicinal products or cosmetics.

More Information about Reach Safety Data Sheets