Tibby Olivier Institute

The industry leader in professional beauty therapy education, Tibby Olivier, launches a breakthrough new training program, Tibby Olivier Institute:
1-on-1, hands-on, local, on-demand skills training for beginner and experienced beauty therapists. Tibby Olivier Institute sites are located in the salons of select Tibby Olivier Trainers Institute Masters across the country. Sessions are open to individuals who wish to get their first initial training as a Tibby Olivier Trainee, as well as, experienced hand-on training to those who wish to enhance and master their skills.

Coming soon.

What training, topics, and skills will be covered during the Tibby Olivier Institute sessions?


These foundation courses are the first step to develop your beauty therapy knowledge, skills, and start the process to build a successful beauty business.


These Master courses are designed for the beauty therapist who has been active in the beauty business for 1 or more years.